2016 Family Law Changes

January 1, 2016 Illinois Family Law Changes

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In early 2015, the Illinois legislature approved several measures aimed at bringing the state's family law provisions more up to date. The bills were signed by the governor in mid-summer, representing the most sweeping family law reforms in nearly four decades. Its passage was, to many, an official recognition of the shifting reality surrounding today's familial relationships, and that the existing laws were not meeting the needs of many families.

Breaking Down the Changes

The family law overhaul takes effect beginning January 1, 2016, and covers a wide variety of family concerns, including:

Divorce: A divorce will only be granted on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and handled as a no-fault situation. "Fault" grounds, including adultery, abandonment, and mental or physical abuse are no longer considered. The two-year separation period once required for no-fault divorce has also been eliminated, and a six-month separation is only needed in contested cases as proof of irreconcilable differences. Overall, the changes provide a faster divorce process for most couples.

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