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The relationship between a parent and child is among the most important concerns in any area of the law. Sometimes, successfully establishing that relationship in the eyes of the state can be complicated. At Olita Law Group, we understand that every child deserves the love and support of two parents, just as every parent deserves the opportunity to exercise his or her parental rights. We work hard on behalf of parents looking to play positive, functional roles in the lives of their children.

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The laws regarding the establishment of parentage and parental rights have recently undergone fairly substantial changes in Illinois. The new laws have represented an effort by the state to be more accommodating to the evolving nature of the modern family, and the increasing variety of familial situations. Parentage is about much more than identifying a child's father. It is about designating the rights and responsibilities belonging to parents of any type.

Establishing Parentage in Illinois

According to the law, a person is considered a child's legal parent if:

  • She gave birth to the child, and there is no valid surrogacy contract;
  • He or she adopts the child;
  • He signs a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity form; or
  • He or she is, was, or becomes married to or enters a civil union with the child's mother, and there is no rebuttal of the person's presumption of parentage.

The final way to establish a legal parent-child relationship is through adjudication, which usually requires genetic testing. Whether you are looking to determine the parentage of your child for purposes of child support, or you want to have your parental rights recognized by the state, the attorneys at Olita Law Group are ready and willing to advocate on your behalf.

Parentage and the Child's Best Interests

The courts in Illinois are tasked with protecting the best interests of a child, even when considering the rights of presumed, acknowledged, or adjudicated parents. This can particularly difficult when a person's parentage is challenged after he or she has already forged a healthy relationship with the child. Under the new law, the court must consider a number of factors in deciding whether or not to order genetic testing, including:

  • The length of time for which the person has fulfilled the role of parent;
  • The facts surrounding the person's realization of doubt about his or her parentage;
  • The nature of his or her relationship with the child;
  • The child's age and the harm that could result by disproving a parent-child relationship; and
  • The nature of the relationship between the child and any other alleged parent.

The team at the Olita Law Group recognizes that the new law could potentially make it very difficult for a person to prove his or her parentage, in many situations. Regardless of the obstacles, however, we will continue to help you protect your rights while looking after your child's true best interests.

If you are dealing with any issue related to paternity or parentage, contact our office in Saint Charles, Illinois. Our law firm offers a free, no-obligation consultation so that you can meet our team, discuss your case, and get the answers you need. Call 630-402-0333 to schedule an appointment today. We are proud to serve Saint Charles, Batavia, Elgin, Naperville, Wheaton, and throughout DuPage, Kane, Will, Kendall, and Cook Counties.

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